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Michael Edward Reagan
Adapted from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Michael Edward Reagan (born March 18, 1945 as John Flaugher), adopted son of President Ronald Reagan and his first wife Jane Wyman, is the host of a conservative talk radio show, the "Michael Reagan Show", which is syndicated to over 200 radio stations in the United States through Radio America. He was born to Irene Flaugher, herself the tenth child in her family. According to writings of Michael Reagan, his birth mother never informed his grandmother of his birth.

Reagan grew up in Beverly Hills, California and later nearby Pacific Palisades, California. One childhood story he has told that introduced him to politics was how he at the age of 8 asked his famous father for a raise in his allowance. At the time, around 1953, his allowance was $1.00 a week. His father told him since 90 per cent of his earnings were taxed by government, he wasn't able to increase Mike's allowance. His father further said that when the President of the United States would give him a tax cut, then he could give his son an increase in his allowance. This did happen in the 1960s during the John F. Kennedy administration, and Reagan then was given $5.00 a week in allowance. This, according to Michael Reagan, was how he was introduced to the subject of tax cuts and how that affected people.

In his earlier adult years, Reagan raced boats and later also sold them at a Newport Beach, California boat dealership. He set world records in power boat racing. In time, after establishing his marriage and sorting out his relationship with his parents, he began his public career. His first gig was as a game show host, in charge of the original syndicated version of Lingo, which was taped in Canada but broadcast in the United States. The show lasted only for the 1987-1988 season, and Reagan left the show before its demise in the wake of financial problems with the show's producers. His talk radio career started in the Southern California local market as a guest host for Michael Jackson's 2 talk radio show slot on KABC AM in Los Angeles. After this beginning, he landed a talk show spot on KSDO radio in San Diego, California. Reagan's rating success in the San Diego market gave him the opportunity to take his talk show nationwide in 1992. Reagan continues to host his four hour talk show, and also does public speaking to groups. He also delivers conservative commentary from time to time on cable television news programs such as the Fox News Channel and on the Internet. He also wrote a book titled Twice Adopted in 2004.

Reagan resides with his wife Colleen and their two children, son Cameron and daughter Ashley, in the Sherman Oaks area of Los Angeles.

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